The Concept

There are so many weird and wonderful children’s stories out there with a whole host of brilliant characters crossing a wide range of themes. Therefore coming up with something memorable and appealing is not necessarily that easy. In fact it’s decidedly difficult.

Of course I could just play it safe and make a nice conventional set of farmyard animals, jungle critters or talking cats and dogs, but let’s face it, it’s all been done before, right!? To fully enjoy and believe in my creative journey, I wanted to make something memorable and appealing but ultimately it has to be original.

I spent a fair while racking my brain for themes that might work nicely for a set of children’s book characters, but nothing ever quite came to mind that would scratch my creative itch. Then I started to wonder: ‘Do I really even need a theme?’. What if, instead of a traditional theme, I just took random objects, creatures or frankly anything at all and brought them to life…?

Once I realised that you can take almost anything and give it a personality, I realised I didn’t need a central theme at all. Or perhaps more accurately, I already had a theme; it’s all just a bit crazy and random! And so the idea was born……the Crazy Randoms!!!