New Character Update – Introducing The Hard Husk Bunch!

Hi all, so another new character (although arguably I should say ‘characters‘) to add to the Crazy Random gang – it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the Hard Husk Bunch, the rowdy sunflower seeds!

HHB_V1_mergedSo this time I really wanted to go for something a bit different! I wanted to create a ‘character’ comprising a collective of smaller beings, that are stronger when they’re together as one. There are eight seeds in the gang, all of which have been given individual traits and all of which will have their own names (although these will not be revealed until their story is written!). But the real point here is to bring through the importance of ‘power in numbers’, working together as one team and how group camaraderie can be vital to one’s own character and sense of purpose.

HHB - seed outline only
Outline of seeds

I took a slightly different tact here when it came to creating the drawing. So far with all the other Crazy Random characters I have done all the line work first, before adding colour (and then sometime adding a few additional lines as ‘finishing touches’ at the end). However, this time I felt it was important to see how the visual appearance of the seeds shaped up first before putting in facial features and accessories. Since they are quite small and simple in shape, it was essential to me that first and foremost, they are easily recognisable as being sunflower seeds! So I actually did the colouring of the seeds before I added on facial features, hats, headbands, etc.

HHB - seeds only (colour)
Seeds with colour added before the facial features

It’s definitely been really fun creating the Hard Husk Gang and I have lots of really fun ideas for both their own personal story and their roles in other characters’ stories. So I hope you like them, and keep your eyes peeled for more new Crazy Randoms on the way soon!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Myfanwy Baldwin says:

    An interesting idea. I bought a large bag of sunflower seeds for the birds so I must go and study their shapes. At the moment I’m not seeing them as anything other than little pointy shapes?


  2. Silvia Blasich says:

    I love them! Especially the small one..I’m looking forward to hearing their story!


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