New Character Update – Introducing Mike O’Spottington!

Another new Crazy Random character to add to the ranks – it’s my pleasure to introduce to you Mike O’Spottington, the mischievous mushroom!!

mike o - merged
Mike O’Spottington – the mischievous mushroom!!

As you can see, the design is fairly simple and straight forward which should make this quite a brief post. As you can probably imagine, I have a pretty vast mass of ideas for new characters swirling around my head, but funnily enough a mushroom was never really part of my original plans. However, this week when flicking through some of my pencil drawings from the past couple of years, I happened upon a sketch of a mushroom character and whilst I have made a fair few tweaks to the design, Mike’s creation was a formality from then on.

mushroom pic
A previous sketch of a mushroom character from an old sketch book

As you can see, I’ve not added arms to Mike. I just didn’t see it as necessary somehow and my gut feeling is arms would make the design a little ‘cluttered’. Otherwise the rest of his design all played out much as you would expect, with little complication. Of my three most recent character designs, Mike took far less time than Blitz Nimbo, who in turn was far quicker to make than Stacey van Casey. I’m not sure if this is because I’m gradually becoming more quick and efficient, or whether the designs have just been slightly less tricky to conjure up. Or perhaps it’s a combination of the two!?

mike o - outline only
Basic outline of Mike O’Spottington (note some lines are eventually obscured by foreground colours)

There’s not a lot else to say about Mike’s design itself, but it’s fair to say I did take a little while to think of a suitable name. I have tried to put a reason behind every Crazy Random name I’ve come up with. Obviously some are far less subtle than others (‘Spooky Tooks’ doesn’t take too much wracking of the brain to figure out!) but I think in the end I came up with something quite fun for this mischievous mushroom! So I hope you all like him and of course, I would welcome any comments or feedback on the latest member the the Crazy Random gang!



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