New Character Update – Introducing Blitz Nimbo!

So I’ve actually managed to get another Crazy Random character completed in the latter half of this week; I’m pleased to introduce you all to Blitz Nimbo, the grumpy rain cloud!

blitz completev2
Blitz Nimbo – The Grumpy Rain Cloud!

So far all of the Crazy Random designs have featured characters that are generally smiley and positive. That’s no bad thing of course, but children need to learn about different personality traits, both good and bad. Therefore I felt it was time to bring a slightly less positive personality to the mix and to me the immediately obvious choice was a rain cloud. We all know the weather can be a very ‘moody’ beast when it wants to be, so I’ve tried to capture that in Blitz! The idea actually came to me whilst in Italy over the New Year period. I was away from my laptop and drawing tablet, so to maintain some form of productivity I scribbled some possible character ideas (with a pencil  -the good old fashioned method!) into a sketch book. One of the ideas I brainstormed was a cloud and obviously I have now converted that idea into the fully fledged Crazy Random character you see in this blog post.

cloud brainstorming
Original ‘brainstorm’ pencil sketch of cloud

Compared to the last Crazy Random I designed (Stacey van Casey) Blitz Nimbo proved to be considerably more straight forward to draw. I think this is owed in part to the fact that a cloud does not have a regular or fixed shape, therefore a fair bit of flexibility is afforded when drawing the main outline of the character.

blitz - cloud outline only
Basic outline of cloud shape (and lightning)

Actually the biggest challenge for me was drawing the pointing hand. Hands can be notoriously difficult for any artist to draw, hence the reason I have used very simplified designs for hands in my characters. But getting the perspective of the ‘point’ correct was quite tricky. I had actually had to look at references both in still form (mainly the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley) and in animated form (The Simpsons) as well as continually looking at my own hand in that pose before I finally got the grasp of it.

pointy hand outline
The pointing hand took me several attempts

Otherwise Blitz Nimbo was fairly straight forward to draw. I had fun creating his moody expression! I did originally consider having him showing his teeth, but I figured that was a touch angrier than I was really going for so opted against. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the newest member of the gang and keep a close eye out for more updates and material in the not too distant future!

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